Josephine Water

A water glass that succeeds in being both striking and discreet. The characteristic undulating form of the “Josephine” stemmed glass series is artistically distinctive, while appearing light and translucent. Strikingly present as a single object, our water glass can also be wonderfully combined with all other kinds of glasses as part of a table setting. Above all it feels soft and natural in the hand.

Discover our Josephine wine collection!

Josephine Wine

Josephine Wine

Exceptionally light and thin-walled, yet amazingly flexible; extremely delicate and yet robust; of generous size, but soft and smooth in the hand: this is the “Josephine” collection, designed by perhaps the most gifted glass designer of our time: Kurt Josef Zalto for Josephinenhütte.

Each glass is like a sculpture, the result of many years of expert craftsmanship and the perfect combination of form and function. The ratio of height to diameter, the unique contour of the goblet, the conical base sharply tapering into the stem – nothing is left to chance, these elements come together to create the perfect harmony of touch, taste and smell. A glass that perfectly brings out the flavour of wines and, thanks to its characteristic shape, is memorable both to the palate and to the eye.